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Contra Trading™ is Mr. C.T.Parun’s signature program that he developed over the period  of 20+ years of success and experience in Stock Market Trading.

Whether You are already a Trader or You want to Start Fresh, Mr. C.T. Parun’s Contra Trading® System is perfect for you. By Spending 15-20 Minutes in a Day You can achieve tremendous wealth. Contra Trading has helped Thousands of Traders to achieve there Financial Goals.

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Know Your Mentor I am a Fund Manager, Finance Coach, Market Mover & Contra Trader

Mr. C.T.Parun has devoted 20 Years of his trading career to build a completely profitable system to trade the stock market, he has developed this Contra Trading™ style of trading that lasts forever generating Consistent Profit.

His MISSION is to make India not only trade but also be successful & spread Traders/Investor Awareness to every individual, breaking the myths & making a living out of it!

He has already transformed thousands of people’s life. Helping them move closer to achieving their GOAL of TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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What You Will Learn?

Three Pillars Of Capital Markets

Introduction To Contra Trading System

Understanding Trading Opportunities

Breaking The Myths

Understanding Of Risk Management

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What Is Contra Trading?

  • Next Generation Money Generating Systems/Principles In Capital Market
  • Smartest Ways To Generate Money From Stock Market & Gain Greater Returns On Investments
  • Simplest & Modern Way Of Making Money From Digital Trading, Digital Investment & Digital Business

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Who Are Eligible?

  • All Salaried Employees
  • All Business People
  • All Investors
  • Stocks , Equity, Forex, Commodities, Index, Crypto-Currencies Traders
  • Software Professionals
  • Accountants , CA
  • All Individuals Who Need Massive Profits
  • Doctors, Real Estate’s Builders, CEOs